Robert Phillips is an author and adviser, commentator and CEO.
His expert area is communications, leadership and trust.

Robert advises business leaders and organisations coming to terms with an activist and fragile world. He has long-argued that the crisis of trust is a crisis of leadership. As the co-founder of Jericho Chambers, Robert advocates new models of accountability and engagement, based on principles of activism and co-production, vulnerability and dissent.

His latest book, Trust Me, PR Is Dead, published in spring 2015, has been described by Management Today as “a game changer for the future of communications”.

As one FTSE 100 Communications Director puts it: “Robert was an early forerunner of the now prevalent Post-Truth, Post-Trust assessment of the modern world, back when Brexit Britain and President Trump were the stuff of bizarre fantasy. His honest and thought-provoking take on what we do now is essential for anyone who wishes to influence and persuade.” Read more

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