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Robert writes for an extensive range of publications and journals. He argues that trust is not a message (as frequently trumpeted by PR firms, politicians and business leaders) but an outcome. It is what you do, not what you say that counts.
Robert thinks about the modern corporation not as a traditional hierarchy but much more as an open social movement.

You can read a selection of his articles here:

The banality of talking trust
Published in Management Today on 21st January 2018

Crisis, what crisis? The truth about trust
Published in Jericho Chambers on 16th October 2017

Bell Pottinger: PR’s final curtain?
Published in Management Today on 6th September 2017

A Loss of Trust in Business: Crisis or Opportunity?
Published in IEDP on 14th July 2017

Purpose means nothing unless you actually do something
Published in Management Today on 26th May 2017

Boardroom revolution
Published in Accounting and Business on 23rd May 2017

To avert digital dystopia – human disruption is needed
Business in the Community, April 2017
Published in Jericho Chambers on 5th May 2017

Trust: The Power of Vulnerability & Dissent
Published in Jericho Chambers on 28th April 2017

Activist CEOs: Why the common good makes common sense
Published in Management Today on 6th February 2017

2017: The Year of Tomorrow – Let the light in
Published in Jericho Chambers on 23rd December 2016

2017: The Year of Tomorrow
Published in Jericho Chambers on 22nd December 2016

Together, we can be the change
Published in Revolutionary Times on 28th November 2016

Post Truth, Post Trust, Post PR: The crisis of trust is a crisis of leadership
Talk give at the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University on 20th October 2016

Measurement versus Accountability
Published in Revolutionary Times on 15th September 2016

Only ‘radical honesty’ can rebuild trust in business, and save us from Green and Trump
Published in Management Today on 25th July 2016

A time of disbelief
Published in Jericho Chambers on 27th June 2016

Tents on the Road to Jericho – Leadership, Communications & Trust in a Post-PR World
Published in Revolutionary Times on 7th June 2016

A Good Society
Published in Jericho Chambers on 26th May 2016

A good Society needs better Public Leadership
Published in Jericho Chambers on 25th April 2016

Robert from Islington – Good London
Published in Good London on 14th April 2016

Cameron and the Panama Papers: Asking for “more trust” from the Prime Minister is a futile gesture
Published in Jericho Chambers on 11th April 2016

Easter Notices – Changing The Legacy
Published in Jericho Chambers on 29th March 2016

Corruption Continues?
Published in Jericho Chambers on 17th February 2016

Trust the Process
Published in Jericho Chambers on 14th February 2016

Davos: The annual corporate pantomime of trust
Published in Management Today on 18th January 2016

PR Is Dead – Contradictions on the downfall of monarchy
Published in Jericho Chambers on 1st December 2015

Robert Phillips: Jeremy Corbyn is not the messiah, he’s a very naughty boy
Published in International Business Times on 14th September 2015

Not dead yet
Published in Revolutionary Times on 9th September 2015

Robert Phillips: From Jeremy Corbyn to the Calais Jungle, we need to cut the bulls**t and mind our language
Published in International Business Times on 19th August 2015

Limits on migrants will be one of this government’s greatest mistakes
Published in The Guardian on 17th August 2015

Brands must have faith and wake from their daze with atonement
Published in The Jewish Chronicle on 19th June 2015

Robert Phillips The 2015 Anthony Howitt Lecture – Who Can You Trust?
Published in Jericho Chambers on 3rd June 2015

Conservatives and Labour – the coalition that dares not speak its name
Published in International Business Times on 5th May 2015

Root Canal Treatment
Published in Jericho Chambers on 1st May 2015

You Don’t Need Faith To Say You Are Sorry
Published in Jericho Chambers on 27th April 2015

Abandon the general election for a government of national unity
Published in International Business Times on 17th March 2015

Permanent Engagement – Creating a common realm for the common good 
Published in Compass on 2nd March 2015

New Clues and Chaos
Published in Revolutionary Times on 13th February 2015

Davos and dinosaurs, fools and marauders, new clues and chaos
Published in International Business Times on 28th January 2015

Nicky Morgan, shake off Ukip political football battle and give education a winning chance
Published in International Business Times on 8th December 2014

Trust Me, PR is Dead
Published in Unbound on 28th November 2014

Picture the book – Trust Me PR is Dead
Published in Jericho Chambers on 17th November 2014

Put the system on the pyre
Published in Revolutionary Times on 5th November 2014

Right or Wrong: The memoirs of Lord Bell
Published in Management Today on 29th October 2014

Redemption – a data allegory
Published in Jericho Chambers on 21st October 2014

The Road to Jericho: Atonement, One Year On.
Published in Jericho Chambers on 6th October 2014

The future of the communications industry
Published in Jericho Chambers on 12th September 2014

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“Robert speaks with real authority on trust in business and society”
Ian Durant
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