Cormac Smith
Chair, Local Government Communications
Strategic Communications Adviser to the Foreign Minister of Ukraine

“Robert Phillips is one of the great professional communicators
of our age.”

“Robert Phillips is one of the great professional communicators or our age. In 2015 having read his highly entertaining and challenging book: ‘Trust me, PR is dead’, I contacted him to ask if he would consider speaking at the LGcommunications / Government Communications Service annual conference in 2015. Trust is a perennial issue for professional communicators but in recent years it has become critical. I felt Robert with his global experience and thoughts on the subject could bring some new insight and challenge to our audience.”

“He delivered an engaging, funny and thoroughly thought provoking speech which had been meticulously prepared to address his audience and our issues. He went on to spend the entire day with us enthusiastically sharing his experience with anyone and everyone who wanted a piece of his time. It was his generosity and passion as much as his professionalism and great experience that impressed me and others that day.”

“In a post truth age still infested with the desire to ‘spin’ his key insight that :’Trust is not a message, it is an outcome’ resonated strongly. For me hearing this and other astute insights from someone with Robert’s unparalleled depth and breath of experience was particularly powerful.”

“He is a great communicator, a consummate professional and above all someone who believes passionately that good honest communication is a force for good in organisations and the world in general.”

Samantha Rockey
(Former) Global Head of Leadership Development

“Someone who is unafraid to ask the big questions … a joy to work with”

“Robert is one of those rare individuals who its able to challenge existing assumptions and beliefs in such a way that real shifts in thinking take place. Robert did this when working with our senior leaders and through well aimed provocation, solid research and his own experience – he was able to change the conversation both in the classroom and back in the markets. It is a joy to work with someone who is unafraid to ask the big questions.”

Sarah Warby
Marketing Director

“A formidable intellect and an attention-grabbing delivery style … makes people sit up and really think”

“Robert has the credibility of having been there and done it all, plus the restless energy of a teenager starting out. Couple that with a formidable intellect and an attention-grabbing delivery style, and you’ve got a potent combination which makes people sit up and really think.”

Ian Durant
Chairman, Capital & Counties Properties PLC
Chairman, Greggs
Chairman, Corporate Governance Committee, ICAEW

“Robert speaks with real authority on trust in business and society”

“Robert speaks with real authority on the loss of trust between business and society and the need for a new authenticity in how business leaders communicate and lead.”

Colin Wilson
Cushman & Wakefield

“Incredibly insightful…. with real substance and meaning”

“Robert presented on the philosophical and increasingly real challenges for current business leaders. He gave an incredibly insightful perspective based on vision, ethics and morality. His first-hand experience of business, underpinned with deep historical context and a healthy dose of common sense, gave the presentation real meaning and substance. You may not agree with everything that he says but you will certainly feel more stimulated and able to debate and address the complex issues of the day.”

Professor Joep Cornelissen
Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University

“Thought-provocative, stirring and inspirational”

“Thought-provocative, stirring and inspirational, Robert created a buzz in the Dutch communication industry – forcing us to rethink classic corporate communication

Gail Greengross
Strategic Communications Director
Business in the Community

“An excellent speaker and facilitator … challenging and engaging”

“Robert strikes the delicate balance between challenging an audience and engaging them to think differently. He is an excellent speaker and facilitator who effortlessly kept up the energy levels of an audience of 350 CEOs at Business in the Community’s recent Leadership Summit – while getting the best out of a panel of business experts – no mean feat!”

FTSE 100 Communications Director

“An utterly fabulous and enticing session – Robert was insightful and meaningful”

“Robert was an early forerunner of the now prevalent Post-Truth, Post-Trust assessment of the modern world, back when Brexit Britain and President Trump were the stuff of bizarre fantasy. His honest and thought-provoking take on what we do now is essential for anyone who wishes to influence and persuade.”

“An utterly fabulous and enticing session – Robert was insightful and meaningful. Highly recommended!”

Pedro Pires
Porto Business School

“The perfect mind storm”

“Robert Phillips talk at our UnLecture initiative at Porto Business School was the perfect mind storm. Aiming to predict a future where Trust and Truth are basic management principles can be an overwhelming task but Robert provided at Oporto a collective reason to believe and achieve.”