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Robert is a frequent media commentator in both the UK and across the world. You can read/ watch/ listen to some of his articles and interviews here:

PR Week Powerbook
Published in PR Week on 9th March 2017

2017 should be a year for activist leaders
Published in Management Today on 4th January 2017

Only ‘radical honesty’ can rebuild trust in business, and save us from Green and Trump
Published in Management Today on 25th July 2016

Post-Brexit, it’s clear we live in a post-truth age
Published in Management Today on 27th June 2016

Business tomorrow: The Business of Trust
Aired on BBC Radio 4 on 7th January 2016

Believe in this? ‘Trust me, I’m a chief executive’
Published in BBC News on 7th January 2016

Trust is not a message, it’s an outcome: the lesson for leaders from a defector from PR
Published in Vogel Wakefield on 4th December 2015

Media Masters – Robert Phillips
Published in Mediafocus on 22nd October 2015
Listen to the interview

Robert Phillips: Confessions of a repentant spinner
By Matthew Gwyther, Published in Management Today on 28th September 2015
Listen to the interview

How widespread is case study fakery in the PR and comms industry?
By Ian Griggs, Published in PR Week on 19th August 2015

Bra-vo… Guru Robert has a plan to save PR
By Simon Yaffe, Published in Jewish Telepgraph on 12th June 2015

FTSE 100 companies are really overusing the word ‘trust’
By Rachel Savage, Published in Management Today on 3rd June 2015

The term “trust” increasingly misused by companies, study finds
Published in CIMA on 2015

Video: Trust Me, PR is Dead… in brum
Published in comms2point0 on 2nd April, 2015

General Election 2015: How can business win back the public’s trust?
Published in Management Today on 1st April, 2015

The great propaganda game is over says Robert Phillips
Published in PRMoment on 9th February, 2015

Robert Phillips on Radio 4’s The Media Show
Published in BBC on 19th December 2014

Management Today
Published in Management Today on 10th June 2013

Published in Cass Business School on 3rd May 2013

Reputation & Trust In British Business
Published in Management Today on 12th April 2013

Management Today Roundtable
Published in Management Today on 8th April 2013

Holmes Report – Echo Chamber Podcasts
Published in Holmes Report on 8th March 2013

BBC World Service Podcast
Published in BBC on 17th February 2013

Names Not Numbers
Published in Financial Times on 27th January 2013

Opinion Pieces For PR Week And PR Moment
Published in Financial Times on 9th January 2013

Robert Phillips Resigns from Edelman
Published in Holmes Report on 29th November 2012

Corporate Excellence Workshop
Published in Think Tank Madrid on 8th November 2012

Robert Phillips Named In Wired 100, 2011
Published in Wired on 28th December 2011

PR Week Awards
Published in PR Week on 27th December 2011

2011 Global Agencies Of The Year
Published in Holmes Report on 27th October 2011

El Pais Interview
Published in RP Archive on 27th August 2011

‘People let down by government turning to social networks’
Published in Russia Today on 25th February 2011

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